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In a world where fraud attacks are increasing each year, we want you to feel safe when banking with Standard Trust Credit Union.

Your Security is Our Top Priority

Welcome to the Standard Trust Credit Union Fraud Center. We take the responsibility of protecting your information and money to heart and are dedicated to acting as your advisor and partner in your fight against fraud. We utilize a variety of security tools to ensure your information is safe from fraudsters whether banking online or on the go.

Commercial Fraud Protection

Personal Fraud Protection


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Lost or Stolen Debit and Credit Cards: 888.848.6625



Commercial Fraud Prevention

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

Even actions as simple as verifying payment requests is all it takes to prevent fraud from occurring at your business. Layering the simple actions with more preventative measures, such requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) and enabling Positive Pay to stop check fraud, furthers your defenses against fraud and keeps your information and money safe. Stay up to date on information protecting and preventing fraud against your business.

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Preventing Fraud at Home

We work hard to protect your accounts and personal information by perpetually investing in the right technology and personnel to make sure what you've worked hard for is safeguarded from fraudsters. Learn about what you can do to further strengthen your defenses such as how to create strong passwords, understand how phishing scams work so you can see one coming, and more.

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Fraud Prevention at Home



COVID-19 Related Fraud Prevention

COVID-19 Related Fraud Information

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating financial uncertainty for many customers and scammers are taking advantage of the situation. We recognize that our customers are actively monitoring the situation and seeking resources to protect themselves.

Preventing Stimulus Check Relief Fraud
Latest COVID-19 Related Scams


Quick Tips


When banking with Standard Trust Credit Union, it’s important to remember that:

  • We will never ask for personal or financial information by, in response to or via a link in an email or text message.
  • We will never initiate a phone call asking for financial information, including your account password, social security number, balances or Secure Access Code.
  • When you call us we may ask you for specific information in attempt to verify your identity before disclosing financial information.
  • If we have reason to doubt the authenticity of a caller, we are not required to provide financial information.
  • If you feel you received a suspicious or unusual call, hang up and call the bank directly.