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Treasury Management

How you manage your money is almost as important as how you make it. Our experts have the experience, technology, and industry best practices you can rely on for effective, customized financial solutions.

Built for better business.

Our scalable tools provide security against fraud, help manage your cash flow, and give you the ability to operate your business on a higher level.


Information Reporting

InBusiness Online Banking and Bill Pay

Our full services platform utilizes a single point of access to banking products and solutions (e.g. stop payments, balance requests and electronic transfers).

Account Reconciliation

An automated service that allows you to reconcile your monthly bank statement quickly and conveniently.

Deposit Reconciliation

An automated method to reconcile monthly deposits by business location.

FedEDI Reporting

Provides detailed transaction information on ACH activity received to your account. Convenient alerts and detailed transaction data is available for easy processing.


Automate record retention and have your records at your fingertips. Email alerts are delivered the day after a statement is processed, reminding you to log in to our secure website and retrieve your statement.



Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Use ACH to quickly and easily move transactions within one business day with our direct connection to the federal reserve system.

Wire Transfer

Send and receive high value transactions securely from the US and globally with same day settlement. You can initiate wires online, or receive a confidential PIN to ensure only authorized funds are wired and automated notifications advise you that funds have become available from incoming wire transfers.

Stop Payments

Place a stop payment on checks written from your account in a matter of minutes by logging into InBusiness Online Banking.

Zero Balance Accounts

Take advantage of automatic internal transfers to and from your main operating account as deposits are processed or items are presented for payment.




Enhance the availability of your receivables with our efficient lockbox service. You will have complete control over your processing, while reducing the staff time involved in receiving and preparing daily deposits.

Check Imaging Services

Fast, easy research utilizing digital images of each check that is captured, stored, and delivered to you in your choice of formats.


Deposit your checks remotely. Using this service, you can deposit checks in a much faster, more convenient manner. Receive email confirmations when check deposits are received and processed.

eDeposit Account Login


Fraud Tools

ACH Alert

ACH Alert facilitates the detection of ACH fraud. Exclusive for ACH debit activity, the system allows you to control which ACH payments are allowed to pay against your account. If the system detects an ACH debit that does not appear as one you have authorized, you will receive an alert allowing you to review the item.

Positive Pay

This security measure detects and virtually eliminates check fraud before checks are paid by comparing presented checks to the checks issued.

Treasury Management Support is available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. CT.

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